Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is based on a special Chinese (Tuina) massage treatment that follows the principles of Chi (energy) to bring the body to balance. The practitioner may knead, roll, press and rub the specific acupressure points (areas) to open the body’s defensive Chi and get the energy moving in the meridians as well as the muscles. The treatment is most suitable for deep pressure massage ~, especially on the neck, shoulder and back. A full body treatment is more beneficial to your overall health. We have Heated massage tables.

Holistic Practitioner Deep Tissue Massage prices:

30 Min – $60 | Now $45

45 Min – $70 | Now $55

60 Min – $80 | Now $70

90 Min – $130 | Now $100

120 Min – $160 | Now $130

Couples massage 60 min NOW ONLY $135 (for two people)

RMT Deep Tissue Massage

30 Min – $55

45 Min – $75

60 Min – $89

90 Min – $129

120 Min – $178

RMT Couples massage 60 min NOW ONLY $178 (for two people)

Detox Body Massage:

Massages are always a great experience that can leave you feeling rejuvenated, renewed and refreshed. Through daily stressors, our bodies can become tense and fatigued. Massages promote not only relaxation but an entire immune system body boost also known as a detox massage.

This type of massage uses cups to move through the meridians and pressure points on your body to help the body get rid of toxins, waste, and other unhealthy materials. Even just from our daily habits, detox massages can help spark the body’s natural healing processes.

60 Min Detox Body Massage $70

Holistic Practitioner Detox Body Massage Price:

60 Min – $90 | Now $70


RMT Detox Body Massage Price:

60 Min – $95


Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The lymphatic circulation system plays a very important role in our body. It is a major component of the immune system that helps fluid and toxin leave the body through respiration, perspiration and excretion. Lymphatic drainage treatment is a delicate form of massage that uses relaxing essential oils together with specific drainage techniques to stimulate the body’s lymphatic system. The treatment helps reduce muscle tension, improve the metabolism of the body, and boost the immune system.

What does your lymphatic system do for you?

The lymphatic system does a very important thing for our body. It helps our body release toxins and in doing this it creates a strong immune system. If the toxins stay in our body, infections can start which makes it harder for the rest of our body to function properly. The lymphatic system is located in the lymph nodes which are located in the neck, under arms and behind the knees to name just a few. Be Pampered Spa focuses on the areas that have a lot of lymph nodes We use special techniques by applying light pressure to the lymph nodes and manipulating the area to move around the fluid in the lymph nodes to release the toxins. The best way to go about this it to follow the meridian lines. In working with the flow of the meridian lines your circulation is greatly increased and this gives you the feeling of overall wellness. This should be done about once a month to build up a good immune system and to keep it healthy. We have Heated massage tables.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage prices:

60 Min – Reg $90 | NOW $80

60 Min Lymphatic Drainage Massage + 45 Min Foot Reflexology $118

Hot Stone Massage

Holistic massage is where smooth, heated stones are used by the practitioners either as an extension of their own hands or by placing them on the body while they massage other parts of the body. The heat can be both deeply relaxing and help loosen up tight muscles. We have heated massage tables.

Hot Stone Massage prices:

60 Min – $90 | Now $80                           

90 Min – $120 | Now $110                       

60 Min Hot Stone Massage + 45 Min Foot Reflexology – $118

RMT Hot Stone Massage Price:

60 Min – $95



Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy holistic massage uses essential oils derived from plants to affect your mood and alleviate pain. Essential oils are volatile, highly concentrated plant extracts derived from leaves, bark, roots, seeds, resins and flowers. In aromatherapy massage, essential oils are mixed in with the massage oil or lotion. The subtle aroma of the essential oils fills the air around you during the massage. A relaxing aromatherapy holistic massage, for instance, might have lavender or bergamot, while a massage for sore muscles might include peppermint and eucalyptus. Aromatherapy should not be confused with fragrances or perfume oils. Fragrances are often made from chemicals and lack the therapeutic properties of essential oils.

Aromatherapy Massage prices:

60 Min – $90 | Now $80

90 Min – $120 | Now $110

RMT Aromatherapy Massage Price:

60 Min – $95